Dumpers Handbin has a range of skip bin sizes
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Our household skip bins are availble for 7 days hire for the price of 1
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How to Choose the Right Type of Skip Bin


Perth residents deserve to know that they have options when it comes to choosing a safe and reliable waste removal service. We know that there’s a skip bin available for every kind of waste product, with a range that can suit any customer’s budget.

Here are a few bin options you can consider for your next home or office renovation.

General Waste Bins

A general skip bin is reliable for any straightforward building or renovation, whether it’s at a commercial property or a private home. These bins are often the most cost-effective option and usually set for containing the following kinds of waste:

• Household and kitchen appliances
• Bricks and concrete
• Loose dirt, soil and garden cuttings
• Old clothing, toys and carpeting
• Timber products

Green Waste Skip Bins

For major landscaping projects or outdoor home renovations, a skip bin that can carry green waste is essential. A garden waste bin can hold such waste as:
• Yard trimmings
• Tree leaves and branches
• Old or dead plant matter
• Grass and clippings

Concrete or Brick-Only Skip Bins

Most builders can rely on skip bins designed to hold large amounts of broken concrete, bricks and other debris found on a work site. These bins often include low weight restrictions, so that contractors can fill them up with as much waste as a building site can produce in a day.

Scrap Metal Skip Bins

Skip bins are available for factories that need to clear out large amounts of scrap metal. Often designed to be 9 or more meters in length, a heavy-duty skip bin can safely store jagged or rusted pieces of metal, keeping them from injuring any nearby factory workers when being hauled away.

Electrical Appliance Skip Bins

Some companies offer special collection services for old or obsolete electronics. Such service covers everything from old refrigerators and kitchen goods to computers, printers and TV monitors. While electronic pickup can be more expensive than hiring a general waste skip bin, this service guarantees the safe handling, recycling and destruction of old appliances.

Dumpers Handibin offer 7 day hire for the price of 1 and guarantee delivery within 24 hours of purchase. Hire a skip bin & contact us today.