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Get Help in Deciding When its Time to Hire a Skip Bin


Cleaning up the site of your latest building or home renovation project can be a monumental task all by itself. Fortunately, Dumpers Handibin has years of experience when it comes to helping our Perth customers find the best value skip bins to clear out waste from their home or commercial property.

Here are a few handy tips to remember when considering skip-bin hire.

1. Look at the kind of waste you need to remove.

Whether you’re a builder clearing up the debris from your latest project or a home owner who’s doing a renovation, you’re going to be removing some kind of waste from the premises. Of course, there’s a difference on what type it is, such as:

  • • Bricks and mortar
  • • Metal products
  • • Electrical wiring
  • • Grass, leaves and old plants
  • • Toxic residue and other hazards

If you’re getting rid of non-toxic material, then a skip bin is the right choice. Otherwise, be sure to contact a professional clean up team for chemical waste.

2. Look for a company that offers waste recycling services.

Some waste removal companies provide skip bins specifically for recyclable materials, like plastics, salvageable metals, paper and electronics. If your building site has a lot of recycling waste, then you can do your part to protect the environment by ordering a set of recycling bins. Sorting out reusable resources is both eco-friendly and economically feasible in the long-term.

3. Decide how many skip bins you need to use.

Most companies will give you the option of ordering one skip bin or several. This selection can be very useful for moving your latest project forward. Ordering a few cheap skip bins can really turn your clean up efforts into a quick and productive afternoon effort.

Before you make your decision, it’s recommended that you take a look around your work site. If you see a lot of unusable rubbish, then a single large-volume bin would be your best option. For smaller amounts of waste to clear out, or if you’re sorting out trash from recyclable materials, then you might want to hire a set of smaller bins.

4. Choose a skip bin provider that offers detailed information.

Any waste removal company can give you a list of the different sizes and capacities of their mobile skip bins. However, a trustworthy and reliable company will also offer a range of bins for different needs and clear steps on their website for how to hire them. When it comes to meeting your satisfaction, a skip bin hire process should be quick, efficient and affordable — no fuss waste clearance.

Dumpers Handibin’s trucks have hiabs on the back to lift of the bins, therefore we have much better chance of getting the bins into the position that they require.

Dumpers Handibin offer 7 day hire for the price of 1 and guarantee delivery within 24 hours of purchase. Hire a skip bin & contact us today.

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